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About Me

Hello and welcome to my website, my name is Michelle,  I am a certified hypnotherapist and RTT practitioner based in Southwest London treating clients locally and internationally, in person and virtually via Zoom / Skype.    


I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to be trained by Marisa Peer who is world-renowned and a highly acclaimed therapist who developed Rapid Transformational Therapy.  RTT delivers fast, effective results and helps you achieve freedom from physical, emotional and psychological pain and inertia.


Having suffered from my own limiting beliefs through most of my life - like most of us - this body of work which is RTT has opened up an exciting avenue for me to help others, to really help clients change these beliefs and completely embed them for a more fulfilling life.

I work with a variety of patients of all ages with different backgrounds and presenting issues.

My clients have all had such phenomenal outcomes from their RTT sessions and truly living the lives that they have always envisioned for themselves.


Having worked in the corporate world for more than 15 years, I never really knew what my life purpose was until I discovered RTT and it has personally helped me tremendously in overcoming my own obstacles such as the questions I would ask myself daily  'am I enough' 'what is my purpose' 'can I really do this' 'what if I fail' 

When I became a mother that also prompted me to make some serious changes so I could be the best version of myself for my little girl.

RTT helped me find the root cause of this self doubt and fear that kept me stuck for so long, personally and professionally. My mission now is to help and show people that you can have the desired like you want and deserve. 


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