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1. Self-esteem


Feeling that you are not enough 



Certain beliefs about yourself? What do you think about yourself? Where does that come from?

What you feel about yourself will affect your self-worth, self-value, and self-image


Confidence is different from self-esteem, confidence is partly about what you can do. Very often we see people who may appear to have all the confidence in the world, e.g they are confident at their job because they have been doing it for 20 years or they are confident at being a mother & raising kids because they have been doing it for 18 years, so they are confident at these tasks but behind the scenes, they have very low self-esteem. 


I am not enough - when you know you are enough, everyone around you will know that you are enough too, you will operate at a level that positively impacts your career, your relationship & happiness.

Unmet needs and looping thoughts


2. Confidence


When we see people with great confidence, usually we see them doing very well at something. Do you want to grow your confidence? Do you want to improve on a certain skill, perhaps would like to nail public speaking and can't understand where this fear has come from? Would you like to have more confidence when meeting people for the first time? More confidence to fulfill your career goals and earn more money? Let's delve deeper and change the meanings that we have attached to certain beliefs that you may have about yourself. 




3. Relationships 


We all stumble across (or many) complicated relationships in our lifetime, this could be with a partner, a family member, or friends. 

Are you unconsciously or purposely sabotaging your relationships?

Do you feel unworthy of having that loving, kind, fulfilling relationship that is most definitely 100% available to you?

Do you keep choosing the wrong people?

Let's go back and find the root cause of these beliefs, feelings, and actions and powerfully change them.



4. Life Purpose 


Many people struggle with finding their WHY.

Why am I here?  What am I meant to do with my life? I

was taught that I needed to follow a certain path and stick to it but I am miserable, there are no other options!

It's that feeling of 'something is missing' or even feeling or believing that you just can't stick to something, that feeling of being lost.


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