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Michelle Schmidt

Certified Hypnotherapist
Rapid Transformational Practitioner

Are you struggling to overcome certain beliefs and habits? Are you not living the life you envisioned for yourself?

I can help you effectively and rapidly transform your beliefs and patterns to optimise your life... 

Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)©, is a highly dynamic method of hypnotherapy, developed by Marisa Peer, which has successfully helped thousands of people worldwide to rapidly overcome even long-held issues.  RTT is a science-based multi-disciplined therapy incorporating the most effective components of Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy.

RTT is a dynamic, fast and effective therapy designed to uncover the root cause of your issues, free you from any self-defeating beliefs or patterns and imprint new positive and powerful messages into your subconscious to produce permanent life-changing results.

RTT has exceptionally high success rates in treating a broad range of issues including but not limited to weight loss, confidence and low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, smoking and other addictions. RTT has also seen incredible results for infertility, chronic pain, insomnia, fears and phobias.

How does it work?

Not surprisingly, your subconscious mind has a deep awareness of the problems you are facing but it also holds the key for their solution. Through intensive guided hypnosis, we move you into a relaxed and highly suggestible state where we are then able to explore and unleash the answers that you may not have been aware were hiding within you.  By directly communicating with your subconscious mind and getting to the root of any issue, we also find the key to resolving it. Once the key is found, using a variety of tools, we can leverage the power of the subconscious mind while it is in a receptive state to frame new perspectives and create new behaviours that will naturally implement the desired solution and produce life-changing results.

How is RTT different from typical hypnosis?

RTT is a solution-focused therapy.  In as few as 1-3 sessions, we identify the root of the problem, address and clear it once and for all from your life.  After the session, you will also receive a guided therapy recording custom-made for you which you will use over the next 21 days to reinforce and ‘lock in’ the change!

Don’t wait! Let’s get going on producing the life you want!

Check out the following testimonials then click the button below to schedule a session with me!





The RTT session was so powerful and transformative! What you have achieved in just 1 session, wow. I’ve talked about my mummy issues with other therapists before and even though it did help (temporarily), the emotions and anger never fully went away. You have helped me enormously taking away the anger and resentment I’ve had towards my Mum. You helped me to express my emotions and to release the anger and get rid of old beliefs that withheld me from having a loving relationship with my Mum. I now look at her with a calm mind, I can let go of any criticism and have a normal conversation with her. Her negativity slides off  me as if I am covered in Teflon. It no longer affects me. I have regained self-confidence and self-esteem. I’m happy to be me and the funny thing is, by being me, she treats me much kinder. Almost as she feels that she no longer holds any power over me. The cord has been finally cut!


I have had issues with sleep for many years, I felt exhausted and depressed. I decided to to  try RTT and with Michelle's help and guidance, and the fantastic recording she created for me - I can say that I am now  having a solid sleep every night .  Finding the root cause of why I was not sleeping was mind blowing! 

Thank you Michelle 



Cell command therapy for skin issues (acne) 


When I heard RTT could be a solution to physical as well as mental & emotional issues, I decided to book a session with Michelle as she came recommended to me by a friend.

I have been suffering from skin issues all my life, acne in particular. I had taken many types of medication and the pill but nothing has worked for me and only gave me other side effects I didn't want. Michelle made me feel so comfortable and safe, I knew I was in good hands and she understood what I was going through as she had dealt with her own acne battle in the past. The session was amazing and it was very eye-opening to see the root cause of these skin issues which was uncovered during the regression part of the session. I received a personalised recording from Michelle which consisted of cell command therapy which I religiously listened to for the 21 days and I am blown away.  I have implemented new positive beliefs and visualised healthier skin, a more even skin tone, less acne and it has worked!! I feel the session has done so much for me and my confidence and I no longer need to pack on the makeup when I leave the house :)



During my hypnotherapy session with Michelle on money blocks, I discovered my limiting beliefs and areas of inner resistance. This session helped me immensely in clearing those beliefs. At the end of the session, I have embraced new beliefs about money and abundance. I am sure that in due course of time l shall achieve what I really want with the help of the audio recording that Michelle has prepared for me to start my new journey. Michelle is a wonderful hypnotherapist and I thank her so much for such an amazing session.



I am now celebrating four weeks without red wine or any other alcohol.


All thanks to Michelle for a truly wonderful course with hypnotherapy. Her method is truly enlightening as was the support after the session. The audio follow up was so good! I listened to it every day for three weeks and it helped me to sleep so well.


She addressed not only the drinking but, more importantly, the reasons behind it. This was done most effectively and restored my self confidence to a higher level. The negative thinking and anger element have been overcome. I am 67 years old.


I have been sleeping much better and feel healthier already. I look forward to my new life without red wine.


I am now on holiday with a group of 20 friends and have not been tempted by alcohol at all. An excellent result!


Thank you Michelle

Therapy Sessions


Caring Child


Self-esteem & Confidence are at the core of our existence and how we show up in the world every minute of every day.

Recieving Flowers


Fostering a fulfilling relationship with yourself, your children, family and friends by establishing healthy boundaries.

Drinking Water


Striving for optimal physical, mental and emotional health and wellness begins with the correct mindset.

Photography Light


Exploration of imposter syndrome, reaching goals and believing in yourself and the gifts you have to offer.

Young Businesswoman


Vocational guidance and mindset regarding your money blueprint

Senior Yoga


Exploration of living authentically and in alignment with your values and purpose. 

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